7 Amazon Alexa Skills for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare provider listening to Alexa on smart speaker during meeting

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Voice enabled artificial intelligence smart devices have become commonplace.  They’re also referred to as smart speakers and virtual assistants. Consumers in search of creating the perfect smart home undoubtedly have any number of devices. Many users intent on convenience have one in each room for that matter. From Google Home, to Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, the use of voice enabled virtual assistants is here to stay.  Here we’ll discuss top Amazon Alexa skills for healthcare providers.

In recent years there’s been a surge in innovation in the use of AI in the healthcare industry. Voice enabled applications were named one of the top global healthcare trends of 2019. There is little surprise Amazon has been leading the way. So, the Alexa enabled Echo devices are much more useful than just reciting your daily news casting and speaking adorable Pikachu talk for your kids. Let’s explore some pretty incredible Alexa healthcare skills for healthcare providers available on the Amazon Echo devices.

1. WebMD

The WebMD Alexa skill gives you access to the entire WebMD Health Network. This network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth, RxList, theheart.org, drugs.com and Medscape Education. You can ask WebMD for information on conditions, symptoms, treatments, and definition of medical terms much like the online counterpart or App. The skill is intended to make it easier for healthcare providers and patients to access healthcare information. The skill even touts the ability for healthcare providers to earn continuing education credits.

2. Mayo Clinic First Aid

The Mayo Clinic first Aid skill provides step by step instructions for managing common first aid ailments from a trustworthy source. For example, you can ask the skill “how to treat a fever?”, “steps for CPR”, and “how to treat a burn”.

3. Mayo Clinic Answers on COVID-19

The Mayo Clinic Answers on COVID-19 skill provides access to Mayo Clinic and CDC experts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes symptoms, testing, prevention, and how to deal with pandemic stress.

4. Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic skill provides a health tip of the day among the daily news including your daily flash briefings. Topics covered include health, wellness, and nutrition. Reviewers have stated that the voice work on this particular skill needs enhancement. But, the topics are useful.

5. LinkedinNews

The LinkedIn News skill provides business and professional headlines. Reviews state that it’s been a good source for tracking professional and industry developments.

6. PeerView

The PeerView skill is intended for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and any other healthcare professionals. The skill provides access to continuing education and PeerView’s free online and live CME, MOC, CNE, CPE activities. Credits can be redeemed via PeerView.com.

7. Medical Lab

The medical lab skill provides understanding of lab abbreviations. It also lets the user know what lab tests are intended to measure. For example, HDL is a measurement of cardiovascular health. It does not provide medical advice or information on specific diagnoses. 

There are a multitude of healthcare skills accessible on Alexa Echo devices from skincare to nutrition. Many of the skills still remain in early development and are yet undiscovered. There are even healthcare institution specific and HIPAA compliant skills.  In this post I included those skills that seem to be the most helpful for consumers and healthcare providers. Due to the hands-free nature of the virtual assistant, voice enabled applications are picking up steam in the healthcare industry. Have you considered using any virtual assistants or smart speakers?  If so, have you used any for your healthcare needs or practice?


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